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Lucida Unveiled: How Youth Can Hold Deforesters to Account

Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo: Barkah Wibowo

For the first time ever Lucida has shared a sneak-peek of how the platform will empower forest advocates, and what they can achieve with data visualization. The team recently presented the Lucida initiative at The Nature For Life Hub, a live virtual event, held on the Learning for Nature website in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The demonstration outlined Lucida’s main theory of change, which is to empower campaigning organizations, journalists, law enforcement, and youth with information about the different economic actors that are benefiting directly or indirectly from deforestation and other types of unsustainable land use. These groups can then use that information to either shine a light on those companies and financiers that pursue sustainable growth and good works, or to hold those actors to account that are behind deforestation and other destructive actions.

“I gotta say, ‘Lucida is so cool,”’ said Scout Pronto Breslin, a Global Ambassador at Youth4Nature, a youth-led, climate-focused nonprofit organization, after watching a presentation of how the Lucida tool works. “We encourage all young people to get involved with Lucida and work with Climate Advisers,” she said.


The event highlighted Lucida’s approach to working with key partners, allies, and users. We set out to build Lucida to be a website and tool that serves a larger community of forest advocates through frequent engagement, user testing, and feedback.

At this stage in the development of Lucida our aim is to work with its core user base and make adjustments to align with their transparency needs for making companies and financiers more accountable to the world at large.

The presentation showcases the Lucida tool, which in its current iteration is set up as curated stories for users to explore some of the most important palm oil companies in Indonesia and their financiers. The tool visualizes how ownership, organizational structures, and sustainability certifications and ratings of a particular forest risk company or financier are connected with one another. Lucida highlights important information regarding a company’s market capitalization, their landbank, and other key facts as well.

In addition, the presentation highlights Lucida’s Stories feature, which provides an interactive visual storytelling approach to the highest priority issues and insights regarding target countries and commodities. Lucida aims to provide partners the ability to access previously inaccessible data and to produce insights in an easy to understand manner through data visualization. Lastly, Lucida’s Country Pages, provide geospatial data and other contextual information, including economic and political risk factors on our initial priority countries of analysis.

The presentation highlighted the ways that young people can get involved with Lucida through user testing, and hold companies to account for their impact on forests and biodiversity loss in Lucida’s four target countries, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, and Peru. “There are plenty of ways to get involved with Lucida,” explained Niamh McCarthy, a Senior Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Analyst at Climate Advisers, who co-led the presentation. “There are many people in this audience that would be great user testers or might like to get involved to give input, and we would love that. So, definitely reach out,” she said.

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Sean Nevins
Sean Nevins is the Product Manager for Climate Advisers Trust where he leads the platform development of Lucida, a new transparency initiative that illuminates company and financier links to deforestation.
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