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Here’s what’s new in the latest version of Lucida

In this version of Lucida, we are launching several new visual storytelling tools, design changes on the homepage, additional navigational elements, and other improvements for all users. We have also begun user testing, on a limited basis, of new data visualization tools that will inform a wider release for all users in the future.

Lucida is a transparency initiative that aims to reveal how companies and financiers are linked to unsustainable land use and illegal forest activity. Lucida answers the question of ‘who’ is behind deforestation.

Here are some of the updates you will find on our website:

New Tools

Country Profiles: Each of the four countries on the Lucida platform — Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Peru — now have a dedicated page to provide context for impact on the ground. The pages, with an emphasis on data visualization, are meant to be a contextual overview of the land use issues and trends over time to orient users with the latest information on financial actors driving deforestation

Stories — The Lucida team’s reporting and analysis about the first four target countries, bolstered by informative graphics is presented in a way that allows for easy wayfinding as well as the sharing of rich visual stories in an easy-to-digest design format. These stories include a scannable table of contents and data sourcing for all the graphics. Stories will be added throughout the duration of the project.


Homepage: There’s a new design for the Lucida homepage to highlight the features we have added, putting the latest information front and center. The goal of the redesigned page is to be a brief overview of all Lucida offers as users dive deeper into what’s available. The homepage will continue to evolve as we add more data and rollout new features.

Navigation: With the addition of new features, Lucida gets a more robust navigational system to help users discover stories and added information. The main navigation now shows a preview of what’s in each of the sections at a glance so users can browse content before continuing on. You’ll also notice several places in Lucida where we inform you of what’s to come as the tool evolves.

About Page: Lucida aims to bring light to commodity supply chains, revealing the companies and financiers behind deforestation and related illegal behavior. The initiative, while exemplified by this website tool, is only part of what Lucida is doing as it partners with other groups to drive change.

Tool Page: The Lucida tool surfaces unprecedented data and insights on the financing of commodity companies and illuminates how these stakeholders are linked to deforestation and illegal forest activities. A group of invited users is helping the Lucida team evolve the tool prior to a general release. On the tool page, you can learn more about the types of data exploration the tool enables.

User Testing

Network Tool: Available now to a select group of users, Lucida aggregates data from disparate and hard-to-access sources into a single comprehensive database. As data capabilities mature, more users will be invited to experience the power of Lucida, which is powered by dozens of data sources, including data to understand the financing of commodity companies, company structures and hierarchies, and land use, land use change, and social impacts.


Company Directory: The Lucida company directory will include a company overview, financial data, historic data related to deforestation issues, and ESG policies. Users can explore the network of how companies and financiers are tied to environmental and social impacts on the ground.

Company Profiles: Individual company profiles will help researchers and journalists explore what we know about parent companies, subsidiaries, structures, leadership, board structures, and financiers.

Expanded Data: Additional mapping, mill locations and the economic actors behind deforestation, production volumes, and exports. Lucida is acquiring new data sets regularly; when you sign up to learn more, we will notify you when new data comes online and provide new ways to visualize and interact with that information.

Outreach & Partnership

Lucida works closely with non-profit organizations, media, campaigners, and law enforcement at the local and global levels to support solutions on the frontlines of deforestation. Should we be partners? Please reach out to Sean Nevins ( if you’d like to discuss being a Lucida partner.

Sean Nevins
Sean Nevins is the Product Manager for Climate Advisers Trust where he leads the platform development of Lucida, a new transparency initiative that illuminates company and financier links to deforestation.
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