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Getting started? Lucida is building a platform to drive action; let us know if you’d like to help test

Lucida aims to advance sustainable land use by illuminating how companies and financiers are linked to deforestation and related illegal activities — and we could use your help.

We are currently offering limited access to our data tool for user testing. The community helping us test this platform is a coalition of stakeholders. We’re looking for more people who can help us test the new database and its associated visualizations.

If you’d like to be considered as a tester of the tool, please reach out to us with your name and affiliation by sending an email with the subject line “Lucida User Testing” here:

About Lucida

The Lucida initiative is led by Climate Advisers Trust (CAT), the non-profit arm of the Climate Advisers group.

CAT works to raise climate ambition through sensible climate solutions that create jobs, improve living standards and address pressing social challenges. Climate Advisers is the directorate of Lucida.

Lucida is made possible with the collaboration of close partners and civil society organizations from each of our priority countries. Lucida is supported by funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Learn more here.

Sean Nevins
Sean Nevins is the Product Manager for Climate Advisers Trust where he leads the platform development of Lucida, a new transparency initiative that illuminates company and financier links to deforestation.
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