Interested in partnering? Help make Lucida stronger by becoming a partner

Lucida works closely with non-profit organizations, media, campaigners, and law enforcement at the local and global level to support solutions on the frontlines of deforestation. 

Our team has spent the last few months conducting individual demos and interviews with a wide range of Lucida stakeholders: advocacy organizations, campaign researchers, data journalists, reporters and editors, and current partners or potential partners. 

We’d love to work together to make Lucida more useful. Help build a new era of accountability by joining the partnership. 

These are some ways we have heard from potential partners that we might build together:

Data & mapping: Does your organization have a data set that might benefit from wider exposure? Is there information that Lucida is missing that your team might be able to access? Share your relevant data on land use, supply chain connections, and financial flows to help expand this growing resource.

Visual stories: Should we collaborate on a visual story? Lucida’s digital storytelling tools allow for richer and more engaging experiences to spur action. Maybe there’s a story we should be telling together that takes advantage of the visual templates we’re creating as part of the project.

Reports: Is your organization working on an upcoming report that might benefit from Lucida’s database? We’re happy to share with partners valuable data, including information that we have not yet made public. The Lucida team can also assist with visualization development for presentations and co-publishing jointly produced reports.

Should we be partners? Please reach out to if you’d like to discuss being a Lucida partner.

Sean Nevins
Sean Nevins is the Product Manager for Climate Advisers Trust where he leads the platform development of Lucida, a new transparency initiative that illuminates company and financier links to deforestation.
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