About the initiative

Lucida is a new transparency initiative powered by an innovative web-based network tool that aims to reveal how companies and financiers are linked to unsustainable land use and illegal forest activity. Utilizing unprecedented access to data, storytelling through intuitive and stunning visualizations and innovative analyses, Lucida answers the question of ‘who’ is behind deforestation.

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What is Lucida?

Lucida illuminates the companies and financiers behind deforestation and related illegal behavior.

Through a network/data tool and an international partnership of local organizations, the Lucida initiative uses cutting-edge data visualizations and network mapping to surface the hidden stories behind unsustainable land use. Our tool draws on a wealth of untapped and previously unconnected information with the aim of illuminating the companies, individuals, and financiers benefiting from unsustainable land use. These insights support civil society, campaigners, media and law enforcement with information to advance accountability for sustainable land use and forest solutions.

Unsustainable businesses benefit from a lack of transparency in the forest and land sectors, and this lack of transparency makes it difficult for advocates to hold these companies – and their financiers – accountable. It hinders journalists from telling powerful stories from the frontlines of deforestation. It obstructs law enforcement from prosecuting illegal activity. It prevents investors from fully understanding the impacts of their investments. It allows for unsustainable business as usual. It obstructs better investments for capital providers. Lucida brings light to these linkages and unlocks new forest solutions.

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How is Lucida different?

Lucida utilizes innovative processing systems to integrate data on corporate financing and structures with on-the-ground impacts, and surfaces that data through stunning visualizations and incisive analysis. Lucida democratizes previously hard-to-obtain or expensive-to-access data and focuses on ensuring the tool and insights are accessible and comprehensible. Lucida makes data accessible and focuses on ensuring the tool and insights are comprehensible. With Lucida, the aim is for anyone to robustly map the stakeholders behind deforestation.

1. A data/network tool designed to allow users to curate their own insights

2. Data that offers network-based information at an unprecedented scale to reveal connections in company and shareholder ownership structures, and linking that to impacts on the land

3. Stunning data visualizations and visual storytelling that is industry leading

4. An initiative built with on-the-ground partners to drive change

5. Stories and analysis on the most pressing forest issues

6. A tool designed for non-experts to explore, understand and utilize

Who benefits from the initiative?

The free-to-use Lucida tool will empower civil society, media, law enforcement, advocacy organizations, and investment risk analysts to uncover who is driving and financing deforestation and other unsustainable land use.

1. Journalists can find evidence to support stories on forest issues

2. Campaign organizations can gather targeted evidence of wrongdoing

3. Law enforcement can identify forest and land violations

Who leads Lucida?

The Lucida initiative is led by Climate Advisers Trust (CAT), the non-profit arm of the Climate Advisers group.

CAT works to raise climate ambition through sensible climate solutions that create jobs, improve living standards and address pressing social challenges. Climate Advisers is the directorate of Lucida.

Lucida is made possible with the collaboration of close partners and civil society organizations from each of our priority countries. Lucida is supported by funding from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Contact us to learn more about Lucida or to join the partnership at info@lucida.org.

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Meet the team

Claire Langley

Lucida’s Vice President and Head of Programs at CAT

Matt Piotrowski

Lucida’s Director of Policy and Research at CAT

Niamh McCarthy

Lucida’s Sr. ESG Analyst at CAT

Kyle Saukas

Lucida’s Sr. Communications Associate at CAT

Lucida is also proud to work with these expert organizations.

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