Illuminating links

to deforestation

  • What is Lucida?

    An initiative to illuminate company and financier links to deforestation and unsustainable land use by surfacing untapped data and aggregating disparate data sources

  • How do you use it?

    Explore commodity, company, and financier connections using Lucida's network tool and take a deep dive into visual stories highlighting information about companies and financiers

  • What can you explore?

    Useful information, expert analyses, and added context about the three Lucida target countries, Colombia, Indonesia and Peru, and two target commodities, palm oil and beef

Revealing inaccessible data

By using easy-to-understand data visualizations and showing the hidden relationships among companies and financiers, Lucida aims to help partners make measurable change.


Colombia is home to the fifth largest rainforest in the world after Peru. Deforestation, driven primarily by cattle farming, has soared following a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

  • Tree cover loss (since 2005) 3.28 Mha
  • Value of cattle exports, 2019 $85.4M
  • Deforestation as % of GHG emissions 59%
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Indonesia is home to the third-largest tropical forest in the world, after Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Palm oil, Indonesia’s top export, is a major driver of deforestation.

  • Tree cover loss (since 2005) 22.14 Mha
  • Value of palm oil exports, 2019 $10.4B
  • Deforestation as % of GHG emissions 74%
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Peru is home to the fourth largest tropical forest in the world. As palm oil production reaches its limits in Southeast Asia, other tropical countries, including Peru, have seen a dramatic increase in production.

  • Tree cover loss (since 2005) 2.54 Mha
  • Value of palm oil exports, 2019 $46.9M
  • Deforestation as % of GHG emissions 62%
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About Lucida

Lucida is catalyzing campaigns and guiding journalists by revealing companies and financiers driving unsustainable land use. Our work seeks to enable change. Learn more about the initiative

About the initiative

Lucida begins to answers the question of ‘who’ is behind 
deforestation to enable transparency for forest action.

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Explore data visualizations that reveal the companies and financiers benefiting from unsustainable land use.

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